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Knowing how to fight is a critical aspect of self-protection. The best-self defense is possessing knowledge, experience and skills to avoid the common conditions that attract assailants to target who they perceive as easier victims.

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About Us

Mixed martial arts

 Often people begin MMA looking for an activity to do or somewhere to fit in. Classes can improve confidence for those who dedicate themselves. It may sound crazy but martial arts doesn’t make thugs. Quite the opposite it helps individuals become more balanced. Those who practice become more patient and less condescending to their family and peers. Becoming less ego driven. Like many things MMA is competition driven except everyone in the class is on the same team. There isn’t a select few that play the game while everyone else watches. Everyone participates this helps develop team work and a better drive to help others. For example, in our Jiu Jitsu training you are learning to help your partner get better at submission. This forces you to get better to continue catching them with the same submissions. This continuous cycle forces people to think less of themselves and more about how to help others.

Our Programs

Martial Arts Classes


Kung fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Eskrima

From advanced to those just getting started, no experience required. Classes are designed to ensure that all newer and advanced students train at an advanced level with a strong foundation designed to focus on the core techniques that every MMA practitioner should know. Our goal here is to create a training environment that allows all to feel comfortable and safe while they learn the art of the fight.



Adrenaline Control Training™ provides a comprehensive curriculum for women that impact their ability to have situational awareness regardless of environments.


kicking the spectrum

Kicking The Spectrum’s program incorporates fitness, motor skills development and wellness into the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts. For students as young as six years old up to adults who have a broad spectrum of special needs and disabilities.


kids class

For children six to twelve years of age learn the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts, such as basic takedowns stances, punches, kicks, grappling, and weapon use. By learning these fundamentals, kids will enhance their physical, emotional, and intellectual skills, and improve valuable life skills such as self-confidence, discipline, focus and respect. 

Michael Hailey

Knife, firearm and blunt weapon defense expert. California Invitational Arnis 1st Place 2021. Eskrima 1st Black “Iron Triangle” Oakland, CA ‘Doce Pares.’ Team Icon BJJ First American Student Rio, Brazil & Los Angeles. Jeet Kun Do Academy Alameda, California. Dr. John La Tourrette Ichi Mu Kung Fu. 8 Step Praying Mantis Kung Fu Mike Haley. Masters of Science in Sports Physiology & Psychology Prescott College. 

“The true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things.” ― Miyamoto Musashi


Student Reviews


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Monica Hale

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Angelina Dunn

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Michael Tan
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